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Ria Community can provide a number of services including consulting, design, installation, repair and maintenance of High Speed Satellite Internet systems. 

Consulting & Design

Ria Community can help you create specifications for your required solution or actual design your solution for you.   In a lot of cases the client is unaware of the technology that we delivery and our first job is to introduce the client to the benefits of a High Speed Satellite Internet solution. One of the most in-demand program we are working at the moment is definitely a supply chain management solution and software outsourcing for b2b.



Ria Community has personnel to perform your installation no matter where it happens to be.  Partnering with some mobile machine manufacturers enables us to provide satellite on-the-fly. In some cases we may have partners that can perform the installation in an effort to reduce the travel costs. As our expertise is in the are of High Speed Satellite Interne solutions, we have the tools to perform any type of installation including zigbee technology, plus the equipment and expertise to provide other services such as indoor cabling, network configuration, security deployment and desktop software. We make sure that this equipement work with different mobile devices and software developed by blackberry development companies. In this case we contact different ios apps developers and other mobile applacation development company.

Our installation team is available anywhere you need them.  No place is to remote or too harsh.


Repair & Maintenance

Ria Community can assist you in repairing and/or maintaining an existing system that you may already own. Our team has experience in a number of High Speed Satellite Internet technologies and can help you when your system is down.