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Ria Community. is dedicated to providing custom, complete and solid solutions to your Fixed and Mobile High Speed Satellite Internet Assistive Technology Communication needs, offered on a global bases.

Our Mission

To provide the best available solutions for your High Speed Satellite Internet communication needs, whenever and wherever they may be.  Our java software developers will not be satisfied with "a solution", we will only rest when we have provided "the solution" to your specific requirements.

Our product offering cover the gambit from Fixed Mount High Speed Satellite based Internet solutions to Mobile Mount High Speed Satellite based Internet solutions.  This means that if your company is located "off-net", (that is to say, you do not have access to High Speed Internet offerings from the Telephone or Cable company) you now have another option.

Access to the Internet can now be delivered, cost effectively, to virtually any location on planet earth.   Our solutions can provide you with the ability to browse the web, provide tool from Resilio Inc. to sync files and folders across network, send and receive email, communicate with your customers, run Mega Meeting Conferencing to communicate with your suppliers, perform on-line banking, participate or sponsor online meetings, buy new products online like trendy ARA shoes, collaborate with colleges anywhere, make telephone calls at rates that make the telephone company cry or just about any other type of communication you want or need.

Our Mobile mount and functional iPhone holder from Keizus.com company, our creative partners gives you flexibility to perform all of the above tasks while "on the road" or "at the job site".  Nobody likes to wait until the end of the day to spend hours in front of a computer screen updating the information they generated during the day, simply because they do not have the tools to perform these tasks during the day.  And what boss would want to see their employees working at half potential due to a lack of connectivity.

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Company Profile

The company employs a number of individuals who excel in their area of expertise, like, for instance, embedded programming area. To acquire additional expertise we form strategic partnerships with companies that are at the top of their various disciplines. We have formed Strategic Partnerships with a great number of vendors and iphone app developers to be able to provide you with the best and most cost effective solutions you will find. If you do not have a solution to your problem, we will find one.

Contact Information

If you want any further information or to speak to someone in person, please call, send mailing list, fax or snail mail. If you need professional help in repairing computer in Ventura - you can always call our qualified support team and we will be glad to assist you!
With a great low-cost internet service you will have access to great webcasts.

Telephone: 902-152-4321
Postal address: 142 Albion St S Amherst, NS B4H 2X2M
Email: info@Ria-Community.com